1. Ask your waiter to “undo your order” and then giggle to yourself.
  2. Make a big show of looking at the menu again and then “accidentally” order the wrong thing.
  3. Pretend to sneeze and then ask the waiter if you can start over.
  4. Tell the waiter you’d like to “upgrade” your order before you commit to it.
  5. Request a “do-over” before you settle on your order.
  6. Make a joke about how indecisive you are and then ask for a new order.
  7. Let out a big sigh and say: “You know what? I think I’ll have something else”.
  8. Say you’d like to “edit” your order before it’s placed.
  9. Tell the waiter you’re “not sure what you want yet”.
  10. Say you’ll “reconsider” your order and then ask for something different.